A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The goal was to create a game which combined two types of game : shooter and rhythm game. Unfortunately I started one week before the end of the event and the goal is quite ambitious for a first game.

The idea was to press the spacebar accordingly with the music in the background and it will shoot the nearest ennemy with a bullet. If the timing is correct then the enemy dies however if the timing is wrong you die.


Shootality Setup 1.0.0.exe 37 MB
Shootality-1.0.0.dmg 48 MB
Shootality 1.0.0.AppImage 51 MB


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My idea for the Game Off was a rhythm/shooter game as well!

However, my game didn't pan out because I didn't work on it over Thanksgiving...

Haha nice ! My game works at 20% unfortunately xD Didn't have the time too. Where can I see your project ?

You can't (currently) because I haven't pushed it to a repo. It'll probably be at https://www.github.com/PistolRcks/rhythmgun when it does and I get it to a more playable state. Currently, you can only shoot and play music.